About Ya Hallo
Ya Hallo is a Social Networking Platform. let you reach people worldwide, you can connect and engage with people and share posts, photos and videos. Also can sell products, create pages and create and share your stories and more.

Ya Hallo Founded on 4th of August 2018 .

Ya Hallo is social network platform connecting all the people worldwide to communicate and get close to each other. Ya Hallo it is providing full access to each other profiles communicate with them, share photos and videos, share your stories and build a relationship with other people. Ya Hallo is a platform built to support people to able to communicate through chatting, audio and video calls and more than this, play together and share an idea with the multi-language platform supported. Ya Hallo Team Value: 1. Integrity 2. Leadership 3. Ownership 4. Passion for Winning 5. Trust